The Kamačnik excursion area, just a 10-minute drive from Brezova poljana Holiday House, offers an incredible experience of nature and gastronomy. The beautiful promenade that leads to the source of the Kamačnik river begins next to the Kamačnik restaurant, which is famous for its top cuisine. As you move along the promenade, enjoy the wonderful view from the restaurant’s terrace overlooking Kamačnik itself. Along with the walk, you can also order the famous strudels made from local fruit, perfect for a moment of rest and enjoying nature.

The natural phenomenon Devil’s Pass, which was declared a reserve of natural values in 1962, offers a unique adventure through dense vegetation that creates the impression of a forest fairy tale. The path to the Devil’s Pass leads through a narrow passage between beautiful plant species. It is located near Zeleni Vir and is part of Skrad Municipality, rising steeply at an altitude of 302 to 649 meters. As you explore this magical location, you will feel the charm of the nature that surrounds you.


A visit to Ogulin would not be complete without a visit to the beautiful Sabljaci lake, Šmit’s lake and the famous Fairytale Festival. Lake Sabljaci, which is an accumulation lake on the river Zagorska Mrežnica, is the eleventh largest lake in Croatia and is known as the “Ogulin Sea”. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the lake and the stunning views that provide a sense of relaxation and peace.

Šmit’s lake, located on the slopes of Velika Kapela, consists of two connected lakes – Small and Big Lake. The water in Small lake comes from the Rupečica sinkhole through a series of cracks. Then, across the shallows, the water passes into the Great Lake, where it sinks. In the lake and the nearby Rupečica cave, you can find endemic species such as manfish and lamprey. This lake is an oasis of peace and natural beauty that is definitely worth exploring.

The Fairy Tale Festival, inspired by the works of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, whose hometown is Ogulin, is a top cultural and educational event for fairy tale lovers of all ages. This festival takes place every fall and brings a wide range of activities and events related to fairy tales. Enjoy the magical atmosphere, exhibitions, performances and various other cultural contents that will reveal to you the world of imagination and wonderful stories

Come and enjoy the beautiful nature and relax in our luxury estate Brezova Poljana.

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